Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Exciting times to SHARE

As you can see by the date of my last post, I have been NOT blogging again!  It's really not that I have not wanted to -- but I have been traveling and had to wait to share the story of this trip!  I have lots of photos to share, so I will be breaking this trip into several posts, but today I am finally ready to share this Awesome story!
It all began a year ago..................

June 16, 2015 was the first day of a year long class I took online with a community of 65 women from all over the world.  When I signed up, I basically wanted to sharpen my Photography skills to be able to blog and scrapbook better.  I have been following Karen Russell's blog for at least 7 years, and I love her work, so since I had been in her class before,  I jumped at the chance when she offered this year long class called "A Year in the Making".  I am so happy I did!!!  It is now a year later and after we have shared a whole year learning so many things together, it was time to go to Oregon for our IN Person Workshop!  

The year included a lot of things including Photography and lots of other goals.  In this year, we have cleaned our houses together,  prayed together, bible studied together, written stories together, exercised together, read tons of posts and books together, ate healthy together, talked about any and all topics together, shared trials together,  and formed so many cool relationships!  This bunch of talented women has blessed me greatly this year and I was sooooooo super excited to meet them in person.  

Here is the beginning of my 10 days in Oregon and alot of the experiences this workshop involved. GET ready....... Photo overload.   
Here's my report on the first day!!  iPhone pics for this post!!
Sharra from Minnesota has been such a sweetheart on the forum and I got to meet her very first!!  We met in the Portland airport and got to fly to Medford together!  

These are my Phone pics because I was not using my big girl camera yet by then, but we all met at Liz's house (in the back row by ME) and this is the view off her deck!  These Workshop 1 ladies are all such a delight!  Tara- Australia, Liz-Oregon, Lisa - Canada, Maria- North Carolina, Kellie - North Carolina, Sharra- Minnesota, Dana- Louisiana, Dana - California, Michele- New York, Camille - Phillipines, and Sunny- Kansas!! 

It was a bit cold and rainy so here is another pic inside and Liz had just moved in this house about 8 days earlier!!!  A few more people had joined us in this shot:  Robin- North Dakota, Keri and Marilou- Florida and Angie - Georgia!  It was a great time getting to know these friends from Online in Person! 

MY hotel had this!!!!  Hydrangeas-- and I mean Everywhere!!!  

This car load is headed to the very first part of the workshop, which was dinner at Karen's House.  She and Josh hosted us and we were all dying to visit her in her home!!  It was a delight!   Here we added Ceyla- Washington, and Elaine - Arizona! 

Here is the Year in the Making transportation parked in the driveway!  

Lea is a classmate I was so excited to meet!  We were signing our paperwork on Karen's front porch! 

Cutest shower curtain in her bathroom!!!  

Dinner was delicious and more chatting among our friends

Courtney Lee and Michele

Dana on Karen's porch!! 

It was the biggest blessing to meet Karen in person and spend time in her home!  She is fabulously talented and my love and admiration for her are immense! 

This is Annie, our youngest tour guide, who was deep into trading business cards with everyone! 
After our fabulous tour and dinner, we boarded our BUS and Josh, our driver started driving us to our workshop destination!  Just wait until you see where we went!!!  Come back soon to see!!!