Thursday, July 14, 2016

More About McCloud!

I am back today sharing some more of our workshop!  It is a big job to get thru all the photos and decide what to share-- too many good choices.  
Day 2 was amazing also!  We had a guest speaker and a lesson from Rachel Chaney- who inspired all of us!  WE learned so much my head hurt!!  The town of McCloud was so scenic -- Pretty sights everywhere we looked.  We were on a field trip back to the old mill for outdoor shooting in the afternoon!  Here's some of my favorite pics from the day!

This is LIZ!  She just moved to Oregon and was a fantastic hostess for us coming into town.  Extremely generous lady who amazed me at her ability to be a hostess in a home she only lived in for 1 week prior to our arrival!!  I'd say Wonderwoman!

This is DANA!!  We had lots of fun shooting by the bus and I also got to spend time with her in the airport!b  What a sweetheart!!  We were in the same accountability group too, so I feel like she's a good Support system!
She is a so Fun to be around! 

Like I said, Lots of pretty sights!  YOU know how I love rustic!!! 

We got to learn from CORAL (right) and her ideas were wonderful! Her talents behind the camera were amazing!  LEA (left) was also in one of my accountability groups and she is so WISE!  I loved getting to know both of these awesome Women of God!!! 

I am sure you can see by this smile, IFAN is a happy and lovely lady!  I was blessed to have a little shoot with her and you will see the pic she took of me down a little lower!!
I am so happy we got to spend some time together!!  She is delightful! 

That is me in the doorway of the Mill-- Can you see how amazing this place was?? 

MICHELE (left) and KAREN (our fearless and extremely amazing talented leader and planner of the whole year)   I loved this shot!  

CAMILLE is not only a gorgeous model, but her skills behind the camera blow me away!  We had wonderful times together and I was so happy she would model for me!!  This cement wall was in the mill!  Someone had alot of fun being an artist and creating that backdrop! 

Mt. Shasta was outside the doorway of the mill! Hello Beautiful!! 

Thanks to Michele Yacovello for this shot!!  

MICHELE (left) and KAREN 

This is the beautiful SHARRA!!  She was my first AYITM sister I got to meet on this trip and she was also my roomie!  I think she is a gorgeous model!!  

Here's our group learning from Marilou!!  She is a ton of fun!!!  IFAN, ANGIE, CAMILLE, MARILOU, SHARRA and KAREN!

Thank YOU, IFAN for this!!!!  I loved that old train car!!! 

I see Ross!!! 
After our day of shooting around town and at the Mill, we got transported to this!!!
Our spot for Dinner and Dancing!! 

Every single Detail was perfect!  It was such a beautiful spot!! These pics are with my iPhone, so a lot darker, but it WAS!!~ 


Dance party after dinner!! 
I've got more pics to share about this magical trip, so come back soon to see more!  Thanks for stopping by!!!