Thursday, July 28, 2016

This BAD Blogger has more AYITM Stories to tell...

Forgive me friends for being such a BAD Blogger!  I can honestly tell you that I have been traveling alot and I haven't been good about posting here, due to the fact I have not been home!  I really am excited to continue the story of A YEAR in the Making now that I am back from vacation!  The part of the story where we left off was when we had a dance party at a beautiful lake!!!  Now I've got to tell you about DAY 3!

Day 3 of our Workshop  started out with a RUN!!  We all did a 5K together!  We had exercise challenges all year during our workshop and Karen had an amazing idea to run a 5K, so that is exactly what we did.  There were several runners, but lots of walkers, too!!
Diane, Karen's mom was handing out our breakfast as we boarded the bus to go to the run!  Delicious energy bars!!! 
Instructions and counting to make sure we were all on board.  Jules is documenting everything (with the camera) 
Mt. Shasta in the background!  This is the location where the run took place!!! It was a gorgeous morning! 

The gorgeous Scenery

These ladies were a part of an exercise group on the forum and here they are coming in to the finish line!  You can see the arms up making a human tunnel when the runners were finished! 
Photo Credit: Rachel Chaney
We had wonderful AYITM tees and here's the finish line! 

Ms. Lea Kelley was the FIRST one across the finish line!!!! 

Here's the breakfast spread after the run!
After breakfast, we got all cleaned up and then it was time for our editing class with Marilou!  We had a "Work on the photos" day for most of the rest of the day. 
Dinner was in another magical place!  We took the bus to a little  town called Dunsmuir, California.   It wasn't too far from McCloud.  We had a catered dinner in an alleyway!  
I took time to take pics of several friends!  Coral from Oregon, Michele from NYC, and Tara from Australia!  I loved meeting and spending this year with all these lovely ladies! 

Tanya from Minnesota and Michele from NYC!  and me, of course! 

This is a special photo to me-- I loved spending time with Karen Russell.  She had this amazing class and it was over-the-top fantastic!!  She is one talented lady and planned this whole class plus this fabulous workshop! 
Here's Cara from California, Kellie from North Carolina and Robin from North Dakota!
Such sweet and wonderful ladies! 

 We enjoyed a lovely dinner and gift exchange and then it was time to move around the corner and up the street and here is what we saw!!! Surprise!!!

 Dunsmuir has an old vintage movie theater where we got to see a Movie!  Complete with Popcorn and Soda!!!

The Movie was all the photos that the Helpers had taken of our weekend-- it was so much fun to see what they had captured.  We felt so lucky to have them documenting everything we did and what a treasure!  The movie had us in tears!!  The weekend was absolutely perfect!!!