Friday, August 19, 2016

Charleston Here WE Come!

Today I am finally getting around to sharing my most recent vacation pics!  I am always a bit slow at getting thru my Many Many photos!!  This year after we took Jensen to her summer camp in the Dallas area, we flew to Charleston South Carolina to start our vacation! We wanted to do something different this year, and I can tell you it was an absolute delight!
Our very first thing was a carriage ride around Charleston!  The town is so architecturally stimulating and rich in history!  We loved learning about it!  They do not tear any buildings down because they are so historical, so they have to restore things- and wow, they go to alot of trouble to do it!  

Who doesn't love an antique store?? 

and a PINK Victorian house??

Fabulous doorways

This guy was a wonderful tour guide!

My hubby is always cooperative to pose!! 

I loved that the horse had blue eyes! 
We enjoyed some Ice cream! 
This was an old church called 5Church that had been converted in to a restaurant!

Another cool window! 

This church had beautiful windows also! 

And Flowers everywhere! 

That night, we went back to 5Church for dinner.  Here's the gorgeous restaurant inside and the food was exceptional!! 
The whole ceiling was handprinted with words from a famous book (sorry I can't remember which one). It was so cool!! 

My handsome date was reading the ceiling!!  I loved the church windows and all the decor inside!

Join me in a few days for the next day in Charleston!!  Thanks for traveling with me!