Friday, August 26, 2016

Next Stop: Savannah Georgia!

The next stop on our vacation was Savannah Georgia!  This was a town we have visited before, but really wanted to go back and see more!  It did not disappoint! We had read about Bonaventure Cemetery and thought it would be cool to see it!  It was amazing!!  Talk about a beautiful and scenic place.   Who would have thought we would be excited to visit a Cemetery????
It's a green and gorgeous place! 

Very cool headstone "The Lord Knoweth....."

All the stones were so ornate!  

We saw lots of fancy stones

I seemed to be attracted to the "Angels"  

I really wanted to bring home some wrought iron!! 

Super cute bench

This is my favorite stone of the day!! 

All the gorgeous trees!  

Some of the stones dated back to the early 1800s.

I loved this arch! 

Fun to see a very patriotic area of the cemetery! 

Inside the buildings were gorgeous stained glass! 

It was a really lush and gorgeous garden setting.  We had alot of fun walking thru it and seeing all the different stones and foliage!
I'd Highly recommend visiting Bonaventure if you are ever in Savannah!  More report on Savannah next time!!  Thanks for traveling along!