Friday, September 9, 2016

The BEACH is my Happi-PLACE

Seriously, the BEACH is always my Happi-PLACE!  I am always in love with the colors, the relaxing sounds of the waves and the beauty of God's creation.  It was very fun to be at Honeymoon Island for Sunset!  

These clouds and the dark blue colors were gorgeous.  This is exactly how it looked after the sun went down! 

BEACH Hair --- Don't care! 
I love me some splash! 

I love those Cotton Candy Skies!

The next day, we were on another beach near Clearwater called Treasure Island and I really wanted pics of the seagulls.  We usually don't feed them, but we could not resist, as this was a pretty quiet beach that day.   I wanted to practice taking some pics of them and we had alot of fun when Randy pulled out the popcorn! 

Can you see the Popcorn in the air?? 
They are so pretty! 

Get in line, buddy!! 

When the word got out about the popcorn!!! 

Fun to see their wings and them float in the air

What gorgeous creatures!!! 
See you next time!!!