Wednesday, November 30, 2016


November has passed us by = and Yes, December is Here!  As usual, I am thankful to be writing this post-- as late as ever, but at least I am blogging.  Where does the time go??? I am in denial that it is the holidays-- becasue I am still back in early November somewhere.  Today I decided I needed to share about our November craft show.
This all started with Jensen learning to make Polymer Clay jewelry.  Thank you to Marion Smith for an amazing online class that taught her to make the cutest things with clay.  We got really into this and ended up with tons of adorable charms.  This opportunity lead us to trying a craft show!  I had done many in the past, but it was time to try it again.  Randy and I decided to add some wooden things we made and we had the BEST time!
The show was a great success and we enjoyed talking to tons of people.  Jensen was very happy that people loved her jewelry and she is a little entrepreneur!  Here's a few Phone pics I took of the booth. We had the usual School lighting, so sorry the pics are not the most beautiful, but you'll get the idea!!

 Here's our booth all set up and I certainly can't forget to Thank my sweet Husband for all his help and creativity.  I can dream these things up but I am thankful he can do the wood part!
A little entreprenuer! 

And they do make me Happy! 

Don't they make you Hungry??  

The day was a huge success and we had lots of fun!  Great learning experience for Jensen!  

Thanks for checking in-- and I hope to see you again soon!