Thursday, January 7, 2016


 The last day of Christmas break, we decided it was such a gorgeous winter day, that we needed to head up to the Sandias and sled.  The snow has been coming down on our mountain, so we love to go play in it.  I took the opportunity to play with some photography.  It was lots of fun and beautiful up there!

Jen made a quick Snowman so the song "do you wanna build a snowman?" from Frozen was sung a few times :) 

Good sledding down the hills too! 
The mountain trees still look a little bit like fall, so that combined with the snow made it really pretty!! 

This was taken out in the snow that was at our house.  Jensen had some fun freezing bubbles! 
Piper was really wanting to go inside!! 

We had some pretty big bubbles and they were frozen so they hung around for me to photograph them!!
Come again to see what we are up to next!!