Friday, March 25, 2016

Continuing my San Diego Weekend

Stacey and I really came to San Diego so we could come to a craft fair in a nearby town!  The Vintage Marketplace at Galway Downs was on my bucket list so I am thrilled we got to come and check it out.  It did not disappoint!
The cutest little trailer with sweets and treats! 

Look at all this gorgeousness

beautiful fresh flower bouquets

Really beautiful displays and antiques

This was the entrance!  I loved the bike! 

Got to meet one of my favorite Jewelry designers in person!  Janis Hughes of GraceAbounding is the sweetest!!!  
Even the clouds were pretty that day and you can see alot of people came out to shop!  We loved every minute!

The real reason for my trip to San Diego was to attend a craft fair in a nearby town.  Stacey and I wanted to go to "the Vintage Marketplace at Galway Downs", a vintage market that is held monthly!  It did not disappoint!!  What an amazing group of vendors and the booths and antiques were wonderful!!  These are all iPhone pics, so I did not take my big girl camera along. 

Look at all this gorgeousness

This friend was able to join me and since she had moved to California last summer, it was awesome to catch up with her and reconnect! 
Beautiful fresh flower arrangements! 
I got to meet a very special lady!  She is a jewelry designer and I have lots of her pieces!  She was as sweet as she is talented!  Thanks Janis from GraceAbounding!!  

Even the sky was gorgeous that day!  We couldn't have had better weather!  You can see they had a nice crowd and we sure did love getting to go there!!! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First March Post ???? What????

I can not believe it is March 22 and I am just now posting my first post here on the blog for March!  Wow!!  I have been a very very bad blogger!  I really hate when this happens, because I really do appreciate being able to share my life with you!  I have been doing lots of projects and traveling!! Today I will share about my trip to San Diego earlier this month!  

Got to visit Ross!!  He was on his Spring break from PLNU and he's only got about 7 more weeks before he graduates!!  So much fun to get to spend time with him!  That was a bonus! 
This trip was actually planned a long time ago to be a trip to a Vintage Marketplace event with my friend Stacey!  We had a wonderful time catching up since she moved away from Albuquerque to California last summer.  We had a blast on this girls weekend!  The extra bonus just happened to be that I got to see Ross too! 
 We had such wonderful tour guides in San Diego!  Stacey and I enjoyed shopping on Coronado Island and going to the beach there.  Ross and one of his roommates Everett were kind enough to take us ladies out to dinner and dessert in Little Italy!
We had amazing dessert at a place called iDessert.   This was some kind of Ice Cream that did all but gush like a volcano!  Wish I could remember the name of this little dandy!  The boys loved it!! 

It finally quit steaming!!!  Very cool!! 

We saw such great painted walls on this Bar- so we needed a photoshoot over here! These two are always up for lots of fun!! 

Add caption

We had  lots of laughs!!! 

Awesome murals!!  

This is when a Southwest airplane flew over!!  It was super low and there were planes flying over about every 15 minutes.  So much fun!! 

I loved everything about this background.  We had a wonderful time walking around with the college kids! 
 The next day we also visited Cabrillo Monument and Ross was modeling for me to practice my photography !  Can't believe this kid is a college senior!  I can still see him with his pacifier as a toddler!!

The waves and the colors were beautiful! 

I will promise to be back with some more San Diego Report soon!!  Very soon!  Thanks for visiting!!