Friday, November 18, 2016

Such A TREAT!!

Last week, we traveled to Iowa to visit our family and friends!  We had a lovely visit and I will share some of the pics I took soon, but today I am sharing some fun pics I took as we visited a family that is so dear to us!  We spent some time with our friends the Bayers, who I met years ago when I was a brand new hairdresser!  One of my very first clients came to the salon I was working at because they had received a Postcard Mailer advertising a haircut with ME-- the new girl in the salon!  I have been ever grateful that FRED, YES, Fred came to get a haircut and then brought his wife and daughters to me and we became fast friends!  God put them in my life back then, and I am so thrilled to say we have stayed friends and been blessed by them all these years.   Their little girls were Little back when I started cutting their hair and now they are grown women with kids of their own.  While in Iowa, we got to visit with the Bayers and their oldest daughter and her family!  We loved every minute and here's some fun the girls had in the gorgeous fall weather!

Perfect weather in November!  Jensen had a wonderful time with Hannah and Madelyn

 It was so beautiful in their back yard!!   We enjoyed the visit so much!
Checking out Jen's jewelry! (there's my dear friend, Myrna, their grandma!)