Thursday, December 21, 2017

Still Talking about October!

This year, October was very full of lots of activities and I hate to miss "REPORTING" about them, so I will continue even though this year - 2017- is about over!  We enjoyed so many fun things during October and today's post is about having company from Iowa!  The Aunties (my kids Aunties) made a trip to visit us to get to see our newest family member, Elliette!  We had lots of fun and it was extra special because Ross surprised them all and came too!
We had a lovely time visiting Tent Rocks and we also visited Santa Fe!  Here's some of my favorites from the trips!

Fun to have the Family together

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Elliette thought it was a cool place!!  lol

Randy and His Sisters in Santa Fe

This was a monumental Sibling trip -- to Lowes!!  

Uncle Ross meeting Elliette

A little Crafting by the Aunties in our garage

AND let's not forget the trip to Petco too!  Which resulted in another guinea pig for us

The cutest gift made by the aunties!  

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Cove

Our next stop in Asheville was a medical meeting at the Cove, Billy Graham's training center.  We have had the privilege of attending this meeting called "Prescription for Renewal" a few times and every time we go, we are so blessed by this place.   This meeting is always held in October, when the leaves and trees are all perfection!  We get to meet lots of wonderful people and spend time enjoying the music, the food and the surroundings.  

The front door of the beautiful facility
They always have it decorated beautifully 

The weather was so nice, that the roses by the porch were still blooming. 

my sweet

This is the lobby where we get to fellowship with lots of fun folks. 
Nearby the meeting center, is the chapel

Beautiful views outside those windows.  The chapel is nestled in the mountainside and gorgeous trees everytwhere

Upstairs prayer room 
so pretty 
There were too many pretty leaves to count
This is one grand fireplace!! 

The stories of Billy Graham and his ministry are all over the place and it is amazing to see all the photos of crusades and his work around the world spreading the news of Jesus Christ. 

We feel so lucky to have been able to go to this amazing retreat center and learn and rest!
I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Visiting the Biltmore in Asheville

 I know it is December, but I am still sharing the photos from our Trip to Asheville in October.  This amazing place was just breathtaking!  We had a day to tour the Biltmore in Asheville and it was amazing!  We decided we needed to do a Rooftop Tour and it was so much fun to see the grounds from the Roof!  The guide did a wonderful job at giving us a tour. 

It is really really REGAL
We got to tour several Roof tops of different levels!  
We took the Grand Staircase to start the tour
Prettiest Details

You can see for miles and the details on those windows made me swoon
This was on the highest roof we visited

Pretty in Black and White too
Just the details on the front door were totally cool! 
We also loved this greenhouse 

Where we found incredible orchids

The busy Buzzy BEES

The weather was warm so we got to see lots of gorgeous flowers that we don't have in NM.  Hydrageas!!!!  Wonderful

Join me again soon as I will share our time at the "Cove"
Thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Visiting Asheville

In October, we had the privilege of going to Asheville North Carolina for a medical meeting, and today I am going to share some of the trip photos!  This story will have to be in a few installments, because I have too many good pics to share!  It's such a fun city and a beautiful state!! 

Always happy that he is my travel partner!  

We loved the River Arts District with all it's galleries and artwork!  The Architecture is so cool! 

Hydrangeas are everywhere and we really loved seeing them because we can't grow them in the SW. 

Fun places to see artists at work

And of course, all the old buildings with their character make me so happy! 

We found a big artwork area dedicated to just graffiti and the whole place was full of artwork by anyone who wants to come and spray paint!  Very cool place to hang out 

And they make a cool background

Look at all those buildings full of graffiti

We enjoyed all the different styles and ideas.  It was a creative way to decorate the buildings and let people express themselves.  

I have lots more to share from the trip, so please come back in a few days to see what is up next!!