Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Adventure Continues...

This adventure continued another day when a whole bunch of us went White Water Rafting!  I don't have the pics from that adventure, but believe me we had a blast!  Two of my RAFT-mates ended up going overboard, so we definitely had some stories to tell.  It was so much fun!  
Here's a group shot!   These lovelies are from all over the country-- and even Australia!
We are a diverse group of ages, different states, different belief systems, and talents, BUT thru this year class- (plus about 35 more of us) we gained lifelong friends, sisters in a journey that was indescribable.  We GET each other.  WE supported one another thru the Year's events and we went thru challenges together.  I Love them-- WE are Fierce!!  

I'm sharing today about the last day and the next part of the adventure was for me to spend a couple extra days with 3 of my sisters in Nashville!  

We were missing our friend Robin, but these ladies were a part of MY Accountability groups so we stayed in touch alot during the year!  Thanks to Wendy. Lea, Tara and Robin for your wonderful friendship! 

Nobody really wanted to leave the cabin that came complete with Mountain views, hot tubs, and a personal chef! 

After leaving the cabin, Tara and I visited this mill for lunch!  It was in the town where near the cabin!  

After sightseeing for a while in Pidgeon Forge, we drove to Nashville and met up at the Cutest restaurant called "Pinewood Social".  It had awesome food and had a bowling alley in the back!   

This was hilarious and we did lots of laughing!  Look at our body shapes and legs!!!  So fun!!! 

We were staying close to this downtown area in Nashville.  It was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed exploring! 

Downtown Nashville
 I'm going to be sharing more of Nashville in the next few days!  Come back and visit!!!  thank YOU!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Returning to JUNE

Well, this month has been very eventful!  Exactly a month ago today, my hubby and I left on our annual anniversary trip for 2 weeks.  We visited Oregon, California and Iowa!  More on that trip later, but when we returned, our darling little granddaughter arrived and then we had company == so that means I am behind AGAIN on my blogging.  YOU did get to see our sweet Elliette Jane and that wonderful event!  Today I am back, and I am going to go back to the story I started before we left on vacation!  I was telling you all about my Reunion trip with my AYITM sisters in the mountains of Tennessee!  Go back a few posts if you need to refresh your memory!
Today, we pick up back at the reunion and some beautiful places we visited!
There were a few of us in a car on the way back from the HIKE I told you about in my other Tennessee post!  This is my pal, Robin, and when we saw this little cabin, we had to pull over and get some shots! 

And here's Cathy!  

And this is Nancy!! We had lots of great photography backgrounds everywhere we went in Tennessee! 

Another outing we did on the reunion, was a service project at a local nursing home. We visited the residents and took some time to share with them and learn about them!  It was a delightful time!  If you know me at all, you know I love the elderly and a nursing home is a place I enjoy visiting!  This was a very special time!
These lovelies went on our nursing home outreach!  Kari and Anna! 

We got to meet several residents and make book marks with them! 

Karen and Stephanie enjoyed this man's stories!!  He also loved passing out the cookies! 

Colleen and her new friend! 

This was one of the staff and the resident Dog, Bella!  It warmed my heart to see they had a dog who lived among the residents!  Bella was amazing! 

Jane got lots of love from this sweet heart! 
Angie and Jane
 We all enjoyed the time at the nursing home and as usual, when you do an outreach, you are blessed more than the people you are blessing!

Later on, we had some free time and this was the view from our pool! 
 The evening activity was to make  S'mores!  We had a delightful time up at the clubhouse around the fire!

My Sweet Sisters, Cara, Kellie and Robin! 

Lots of hanging out and visiting!  Angie, Wendy, Nancy and Colleen

Vicky was a Master S'mores Maker!  She got them to the Perfect stage of brown! 

As you can see, Robin got one of those awesome brown marshmallows! 

We ate lots of marshmallows! 

Perfect Weather and look at that view! 

If you want to read S'more about my Tennessee trip, come back in a few days and I'll share some more adventures!!  

Friday, August 11, 2017

On Being Grandparents.....

Before becoming a Grandmother, Folks told me it was amazing-- like nothing you ever knew before -- AND boy, are they RIGHT!!!!  Last week is a blur, and by now you have watched my Smilebox video sharing the fantastic news: Elliette Jane was born on August 2!  This week, we got to share her with Randy's parents, the great grands.  We have been busy spoiling her-- so hence, I am once again behind on my blog!  Today I decided to share some of the recovery room pics and the first moments we met our little darling!

These pics are very very special to me for 2 reasons:
1:  MY first baby had her first baby!  I became a Grandma!  AND
2: my husband has been a neonatalogist for the last 26 years and he got to Measure, weigh and examine our little Elliette while I got to photograph it!  Very special time!  Here's some of the fun pics!  Enjoy!
Grandpa is doing his JOB!  With a very very special little patient! She was born at 2:30 AM (her mama was born at 2:30 pm) so it was nighttime and a fun challenge on the photography! 

She weighed 5.2 lbs.   18.25 inches long

Kris was a very amazing nurse! 

First exams!  She was quiet and very very sweet

Daddy was right there, too! 

Holding Daddy's hand

Super dooper sweet little lady Elliette Jane

She looks pretty tiny!  We are so happy she is healthy and HERE!  She is already a week old!  We've been busy busy spoiling her!

thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


MY POOR BLOG HAS BEEN WAY BEHIND!   I was out of town the last 2 weeks on a great vacation and came home to celebrate something amazing!  OUR grand baby arrived this morning!  So, I interrupt my Tennessee trip report to show off our darling granddaughter, Elliette Jane !  OUR daughter, Jocelyn and her husband, Christian are the proud parents of a little girl who was born at 36 weeks weighing 5.2 lbs and 18.25 inches long.  She's perfect in every way- and here I am sharing just the beginning of Many Many photos of Elliette.  
These are from our very first meetings with this baby girl!  We are blessed!!!

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Telling about Tennessee!

 Last month, I had the biggest blessing to travel to the Smokey mountains in Tennessee to Join some of my AYITM sisters for a reunion!  My "A Year in the Making" sisters who had taken a class with me from June 2015 to June 2016 (online) were gathering for a reunion at a cabin in the mountains and even though all 65 of us couldn't come, we did have a wonderful turnout with 25!  This view was so breathtaking!!!

This beautiful cabin was so comfortable!  It slept 56 people!!!  Since we had only 25, it was very spacious and had every amenity you could want including 2 hot tubs and a pool table and foozball.   This was our room on the 2nd floor!  My roomie was Jane!!  

Here's Alison setting up her shot against Dana!  
This is Kari from Florida and Tara from Australia getting some snacks!  In the background, you can see the Chef that fed us amazing meals all weekend!  The planning committee did an awesome job of every detail of our reunion. 
 The class we took online was taught by Karen who is a fantastic photographer.  That is the reason most of us were in her class -- because we had taken her photography workshop years before this class.   BUT "A Year in the Making" was a class that had so much more than just learning photography!  Believe me when I say It is hard to explain-- but this class will have a lasting impact on my life -- and one of the big things is that I gained 64 new friends!  These lovely ladies are forever in my sisterhood!  We have done and been thru alot with each other!
This is Dana!!! 

Crystal and I were taking photos of the gorgeous mountains from our upstairs balcony! 
My Sweet Friend Angie from Georgia!   

Dinner was all set up for us!  We had delicious meals every single day!
Saturday was the day that we all started to arrive at the cabin!  The first night, the committee planned a "Superhero party" and we had such a fun night getting caught up with one another and of course taking pics!!

Here's a couple more SuperHeroes  - Stephanie and Kellie

We had a wonderful party and then this Happened the next morning!!! 

 We took a hike in the mountains --headed for a gorgeous waterfall!  It was so much fun!
There's Crystal!
Stephanie and Tara! 

This is Anna!!  

You could even hike under the falls!  Photo Opp Happening! 

None of us went swimming,   but.....

Vicky was having fun walking thru the water and staying ON the Rocks!  
 This is the Hiking gang-- (not all of the people at the reunion) but we had a beautiful day and it was fun to get to chat as we walked along in the gorgeous surroundings!  Remember, I come from the dry, brown Southwest!  This was so green and lush-- a very fun adventure!
I'll be telling more of the Reunion story in days to come, so stop by again soon!!!