Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We are Always up for Adventure

 Well, every once in a while, we decide to go on a little adventure!  Just to see some new places and of course take some photos!   These are the result of one of those days and this time we went to a little place north of us called Madrid.  This little town has several boutiques and a Photo park (above) and some galleries and restaurants.  It is a good little diversion, and Jen and I had a fun time!

I am in love with their quirky mailboxes! 

And then you find Hearts in awesome places! 

Jen knows I like a chippy door and she is always a good model! 

The cactus are blooming all over the place now that summer is here

And we might have been the only ones buying ice cream!  

A great idea on a hot day! 
AND lets  not forget the sprinkles!
Thanks for coming along and please come back to see our next adventure soon! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Enjoying the Summer

I am such a summer girl!  I love the warm weather, the sunshine and the more relaxed schedule that it brings with it.  Today I am sharing some photos I took on one of our morning walks at the nearby
open space.   We took our little grand dog Poppy the Puppy along!
Gorgeous weather for a walk at the Rio

She loved going for a walk! 

Pretty cool! 

Captured some butterflies- but believe me, it was hard because these guys were flitting everywhere! 

Accidental magic! 

Jen was trying to capture some too! 

Piper always loves to go along, too! 

I just love these beauties!

Thank you for coming to visit us!  I hope your summer is going along beautifully! 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Some ARTFUL Beauty

Those who know me, know I flourish in a artsy environment!  That is totally why I love to travel so much, because I can visit beautiful places and my camera always goes along!  Today I am sharing some pics from my Mother's day trip to San Diego!  This trip coincided with my son moving to LA from San Diego, so it was 1/2 working and 1/2 playing trip!  Here's some of the beauty I captured there!
Balboa park is always one of my favorite favorite photo places -- and you can see why! 

I thought this was so beautiful!  The plants and foliage at Balboa were so amazing! 

That floor though!  I am obsessed and think I need a patio like this.  There was a fun market there they day we went. 

The most gorgeous orchids! 

And I got to model since I had my partner in crime there to take pics! 
Pretty pretty backdrops! 

And then we always love to visit our son's old stomping grounds on the campus (yes, I said Campus) of Point Loma Nazerene University -- breathtaking! 
My partner in Crime!!  
I could hang out here all day!  Lovely day to visit Cabrillo Monument Tidepools! 

And we found this amazing wall-- Gloria Muriel is the artist -- I loved this !!!

We had just a blast! Thank you for traveling along and seeing the BEAUTY!  

Friday, May 26, 2017

Walls and Wonderful Times

About a month ago,  I took Jensen on a birthday trip to Phoenix!  I've got several friends there and we also went to a wonderful show called "Junk in the Trunk".  It is all about Vintage goodies to buy and I love the decorating style of this show!  I love that my friend Deb is such a great chauffeur!  The first place we ended up (which was on the way to our actual destination) was a wall we could not pass up!  This whole huge wall was covered in traffic signs.  I made Deb pull over and a Photoshoot ensued!! 
Certainly it did not hurt that my model was dressed to the nines!!

YOU can see the possibilities!!! 

They had my age!!  Sad that I am the age of the speed limit! 


We all loved this wall so much! 
Here'e the Junk in the Trunk show where we got to hear Clint Harp and his wife from HGTV speak!  It was awesome to hear their story! 
Our next adventure was another mural in Tempe!  We found this one called "Don't wake the Dreamer" by Lauren Lee!  We had a blast with this and here's just a few of the fun pics we got!

The prettiest colors on this wall 

And I love this one!!! 

I got these two wonderful hosts to pose for me on the last day!  

We visited such a fun place to eat called the Farm! 

What a wonderful time we had and Thanks to this lovely friend of mine for always going on such amazing adventures with me! 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sterling's Senior Pictures!

This little story started in the garden!  I was getting some weeding done and taking photos of some of my garden flowers, so I decided to let Sterling, our Holland Lop buck play in the garden while I worked.  These photos are the results of our playtime!  The funniest part of the story is that while I am practicing my photo taking, Sterling kept on getting into the shot!  He was busy getting in my picture, and that is why I called this post "Sterling's senior pictures"!  You will see in a few pics why I thought this!  

Some of the dreamy pinks we planted

Found some awesome Yellow Poppies! 

Here's the beginning of where he got involved!  

They are so pretty!  

He apparently liked the smells

He is hiding here in the shade!  
This pose was his idea- which really confirmed we were doing his senior pics! 

The Sweetest eyes! 

Another close one for his portfolio

And those gorgeous pinks were the focus of things, but here he is again!  

Found these Dahlias! 

See all those little hairs??? 

These are the succulents he wanted in his pics!  

This guy was absolutely hilarious that day!  He was working hard at getting in my way while I took photos, so I guess he has a little bit of a show-off in his personality!

Thanks for visiting this little blog of mine!!  Hope you will join me again!!