Monday, January 2, 2017

First Post of the NEW Year!

Here's our girl, Pansy who is such a little sweetie!  She is 14 now and still getting up every day with gusto!  We got her a darling sweater this year! 

2017 is Here!!  And again, I am going to say "Where did the time go?"  Honestly, the days fly by for me and I find myself saying that I need more hours.  I guess I am either not using my time wisely, or I just have a To-do list that is way too long!!  Either way, you can see I have not blogged much during December.  I love the holiday season and the events of the month of December were really fun!  Today I am sharing a little Christmas decoration post since I never shared my decor all month!  Today was the day I packed it all up and now all I have IS the photos to show for it.  

Love this sweet little ornament

Jensen made these last year and they are so pretty! 

Playing with the Bokeh

This year's tree was done in Aqua and White and Silver!  My favorites!  Don't forget the glitz! 

Another little ornament made a few years ago by Jensen.  These are Salt shakers with little bottle brush trees inside snow! 

more bokeh with lights

She usually is not this obedient! 

Someday when she is gone, I will really treasure this pic! 

Christmas morning pics with Piper and Brooklyn opening their gifts! You can see the tails wagging

The Wait!

I think Jensen had to hold her back!!!  lol 

Pansy liked her treat!