Thursday, January 19, 2017

It was a Birthday Extravaganza!!

 Gotta tell you about the BEST Birthday celebration I got invited to!!  This was in the works since November when my bestie's daughter, M, decided her mom needed a trip to Waco to see the Silos for her birthday gift in December.   I was so thrilled when she asked me to join them for this trip which was happening this past weekend.  I was very blessed to be "along for the ride" which meant I did not need to Plan a thing!  M did a fantastic job of planning everything!

Here's Debbie = the Birthday girl! 
Here we are just getting to the wonderful Magnolia Market in Waco.  We are all fans of the show "Fixer Upper" so Debbie was thrilled to get this as a gift! 

Beautiful People and things to photograph! 
Delicious  Lunch!! 

The cutest little garden! 

We enjoyed the wonderful Silos Baking Co. Cupcakes !! 

Delightful Cupcakes! 
Fantastic retail space!  Full of gorgeous things!

There were tons more photos I took-- too many to share but the REST of the journey included a fun photoshoot on a gravel road in the fog!  You know I love to practice when I have models this pretty!  (and Fog)!!! 

While we were parked on the road taking these fun pics, we noticed a barnyard across the street.  M wanted to run over and get a photo of the Pot belly pigs!  She is a city girl, so this was a big treat!
Taken from the car= very far away.   

When the animals saw her coming, they all came running to meet her!  so cute!! 

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It was really fun to get up close and take their pics! 
 Thanks for stopping by== I'll have to share some more pics from our trip in a few days!  It was a totally Wonderful Birthday celebration!  (I felt like it was MY Birthday!)

Happy Birthday Deb!