Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sharing a little Disney!!!

As I always start out saying,  my poor little Blog has been neglected AGAIN!   I hate that, but this time I have a good excuse!  I was out of town having a Magical time!!!  As you know, I am a huge Disney fan and since I still have a child in my home who loves Disney as much as I do, we took advantage of that,  and decided we needed to go to Disney World again.   We always have such amazing family memories and  this time did not disappoint!  Heres a few of my favorite pics, some highlights, to share and I am sure I will be back to share more in a few days!

How can you not love Piglet??? 

And Eeyore???? 

Tigger is a fun Guy too! 

Beautiful Parades

YOU Can't beat this celebration! 

Jen and I got to help paint a mural at Epcot's Arts Festival 

Very fun!! 

We always love the World Showcase! 

Really love it when Jensen can take our photo! 

Love all that color!

These were just a few of my favorites and I'm sure I will be back soon to share  more.  Thanks for stopping by!!  I love having you travel with me!