Monday, March 6, 2017

Back for More!

Today I have some more Wonderful Disney photos!  It takes a long time to get thru all of them and get them sorted!  WE had so much fun there, and I love being able to document these memories and remember them! 

Here we are today at Epcot!  We loved all the flowers! 

Amazing gardens and topiaries all over Epcot!  How in the world do they Never have a dead leaf???? I am always impressed by their gardening skills.  

Epcot had their very first "Arts Festival" while we were there, so we loved all the extra ART projects and ARTISTS all over the park.  This sidewalk chalk was one example.  YOU know Disney, they always do it to the extreme of awesome! 

Expedition Everest is Jensen's favorite!  I was happy to stay and photograph the ride.  This car did not have her in it, but wow--that is one steep drop.  YOU can hear the screams, right???? 

This beautiful wall is in Animal Kingdom!  Couldn't miss using this as a backdrop! 

My hubby is always great about Posing when I find a great background! 

Morocco, anyone??? 

Not sure why Jen had a random Grandpa riding with her????? what???? lol

Beautiful colors in the fireworks at Epcot!  Illuminations! 

Posing before our Lunch at the 50's Prime!  Delish food! 

Who doesn't love these beauties found at Animal Kingdom in Asia
Animal Kingdom Dinoland
The Finding Nemo show is just adorable! 
Diet Coke is Dad's favorite!!  

It was a thumbs up on Expedition Everest!