Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One last Magical post!

I just can't help it!!  We had way too much fun and too many photos to choose from, so here we are again with just one more!!  It is always so magical!!  Enjoy a few more of our favorite memories!
Who doesn't love the CANDY store???? 


Yes-- we will!!! 

Disney Springs has these cool Water-cars and we just had to try one!!  
so much un! 
Randy and I enjoyed the back seat which allowed me to capture these cute photos! 
Those little duck decorations were fun too!  

After a delicious lunch and shopping at Disney Springs, we had to try out the Sprinkles ATM!! Yay for Sprinkles cupcakes! 

After all that fun in the morning, we headed back to do the Safari at Animal Kingdom! It was a great time because there was lots of activities there! 

3 of them!!!  All at once!!  While riding in a bumpy Safari jeep, so I thought I nailed it!!! 

Thank YOU Jen for this pic! 
Next it was her turn!! 

Always a fun photo to remember our amazing time at Animal Kingdom!