Friday, May 26, 2017

Walls and Wonderful Times

About a month ago,  I took Jensen on a birthday trip to Phoenix!  I've got several friends there and we also went to a wonderful show called "Junk in the Trunk".  It is all about Vintage goodies to buy and I love the decorating style of this show!  I love that my friend Deb is such a great chauffeur!  The first place we ended up (which was on the way to our actual destination) was a wall we could not pass up!  This whole huge wall was covered in traffic signs.  I made Deb pull over and a Photoshoot ensued!! 
Certainly it did not hurt that my model was dressed to the nines!!

YOU can see the possibilities!!! 

They had my age!!  Sad that I am the age of the speed limit! 


We all loved this wall so much! 
Here'e the Junk in the Trunk show where we got to hear Clint Harp and his wife from HGTV speak!  It was awesome to hear their story! 
Our next adventure was another mural in Tempe!  We found this one called "Don't wake the Dreamer" by Lauren Lee!  We had a blast with this and here's just a few of the fun pics we got!

The prettiest colors on this wall 

And I love this one!!! 

I got these two wonderful hosts to pose for me on the last day!  

We visited such a fun place to eat called the Farm! 

What a wonderful time we had and Thanks to this lovely friend of mine for always going on such amazing adventures with me!