Friday, August 11, 2017

On Being Grandparents.....

Before becoming a Grandmother, Folks told me it was amazing-- like nothing you ever knew before -- AND boy, are they RIGHT!!!!  Last week is a blur, and by now you have watched my Smilebox video sharing the fantastic news: Elliette Jane was born on August 2!  This week, we got to share her with Randy's parents, the great grands.  We have been busy spoiling her-- so hence, I am once again behind on my blog!  Today I decided to share some of the recovery room pics and the first moments we met our little darling!

These pics are very very special to me for 2 reasons:
1:  MY first baby had her first baby!  I became a Grandma!  AND
2: my husband has been a neonatalogist for the last 26 years and he got to Measure, weigh and examine our little Elliette while I got to photograph it!  Very special time!  Here's some of the fun pics!  Enjoy!
Grandpa is doing his JOB!  With a very very special little patient! She was born at 2:30 AM (her mama was born at 2:30 pm) so it was nighttime and a fun challenge on the photography! 

She weighed 5.2 lbs.   18.25 inches long

Kris was a very amazing nurse! 

First exams!  She was quiet and very very sweet

Daddy was right there, too! 

Holding Daddy's hand

Super dooper sweet little lady Elliette Jane

She looks pretty tiny!  We are so happy she is healthy and HERE!  She is already a week old!  We've been busy busy spoiling her!

thanks for stopping by!