Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Little Valentine's Day Doggie LOVE

Happy Valentine's Day!  Some of you know I am a real Valentine-- born Colette Valentine!  I am married, with a new name, but we always have a special place in our hearts for Valentine's day because we celebrated Valentine's Day Big time when I was growing up!  Today I decided instead of the regular hearts and flowers post, I would share with you some of the Loves of my life!  Today I am sharing some recent pics I took of Brooklyn and Piper.  
She looks like she is calm ---- hahahaha!  This little red-head is a feisty one! 

I really love this innocent look!  Don't let her fool you!  Even though she is turning 7 this month, she is still the Energizer Bunny! 
That is our PIPER

And here we have the VERY Shaggy and un-kept Brooklyn, before she went to the groomer.  You can also see Pansy, our Shihtzu who is 14.  Pansy won't pose for the camera, but Brooklyn is pretty cooperative.  You can see she is in bad need of a bath.  Brooklyn just turned 10 this month! 

That looks much better!  She is all groomed and smelling like a rose!!! 
Brooklyn was a therapy dog for 6 years and she is such a pleaser!!  She is the most wonderful girl!!
Both of the girls are Goldendoodles!  Piper is a mini-goldendoodle!  

Jensen and I really enjoy taking them on long walks and burning some of their energy!!
Thanks for stopping by to see my Girls!