Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My poor Little Bloggeeeeeee

 Well, I've had to keep saying this....  but my Poor little Blog!!!  I have not been it's best friend lately! I have a good excuse -- this time -- I have been out of town the last couple weeks, and we have lots going on!  Today I am back and TRYING to get all caught up.   WE have had lots of fun traveling, and now we are back to share this story!!  We have Baby bunnies again!!  Here they are at 3 days old.   This little family of 4 arrived on March 15th.  Stella is such a great mom and we are loving having them!  During the time we were away--- the Housesitter(s) fed them their "Wheaties" and here is what we found when we came home.
These guys are now 4 weeks OLD!  They have grown by leaps and bounds.   This is Dasher on the left and Vixen on the right!  They are just plain adorable! 
We love their "Airplane" ears!    Vixen and Dasher again!
Here we are all cuddled up in the box! 

This was just earlier today-- they are all over the cage now and we let Mama have some "mother's day out" trips occasionally too!  We are loving watching them grow up!  YOU can always watch my daily reports on my Instagram Story under my IG name colette913

Thanks for coming by and please don't give up on my little bloggeeeeee!!!