Monday, May 1, 2017

Let's go to the RANCH!

Back on the blog today after yet another weekend out of town, so I still keep saying how bad I am at blogging!  I really take a ton of photos when I am out of town, but am way behind in getting them on the blog, so today I am just picking up on the story of our life!  This story is about our recent adventures  on the RANCH!
For Christmas this year, I decided Randy would love a trip to a Dude Ranch!  He's a cowboy at heart, so this adventure sounded like a winner, and Let me tell you -- It was AWESOME!  We went to Tombstone Monument Ranch south of Tucson Arizona.  It was absolutely delightful!  Here's some of my favorite pics!
This place was so much fun!  We loved the Rooms and that each one was part of a "Street" Scene.  

Desert Beauty

Real cowboys live here

The fastest shot in the WEST! 

This little pony was THE Boss out in the Corral

This ranch had lots to do and wonderful meals in the Saloon!  We loved the whole experience!  They did a fantastic job and I'd highly recommend the ranch!  The rides were absolutely beautiful!! 

Loved this swishy tail! 

So many friendly and beautiful animals! 

Here's one side of the street 

The Locals 
Coming back from one of the rides 

This was a phone shot of Randy on ACE
We spent some time taking pics by the corral!  Really good subjects!!