Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sterling's Senior Pictures!

This little story started in the garden!  I was getting some weeding done and taking photos of some of my garden flowers, so I decided to let Sterling, our Holland Lop buck play in the garden while I worked.  These photos are the results of our playtime!  The funniest part of the story is that while I am practicing my photo taking, Sterling kept on getting into the shot!  He was busy getting in my picture, and that is why I called this post "Sterling's senior pictures"!  You will see in a few pics why I thought this!  

Some of the dreamy pinks we planted

Found some awesome Yellow Poppies! 

Here's the beginning of where he got involved!  

They are so pretty!  

He apparently liked the smells

He is hiding here in the shade!  
This pose was his idea- which really confirmed we were doing his senior pics! 

The Sweetest eyes! 

Another close one for his portfolio

And those gorgeous pinks were the focus of things, but here he is again!  

Found these Dahlias! 

See all those little hairs??? 

These are the succulents he wanted in his pics!  

This guy was absolutely hilarious that day!  He was working hard at getting in my way while I took photos, so I guess he has a little bit of a show-off in his personality!

Thanks for visiting this little blog of mine!!  Hope you will join me again!!