Saturday, July 8, 2017


I have been out of town and MIA here, but today I am trying to play catch up!  I'll have to save my latest adventure for another post, but I HAD to share this story from Father's Day!  I am always looking for some memorable things to do to honor my sweet husband who is the BEST DAD ever!  I love to surprise him and this year I think I did a fab job (if I do say so myself).  
I began looking on the internet for some ideas and I came up with the perfect thing for MY husband!!! I found "Lunch with a Llama" !
Here's the Dad of the Day and I'm thrilled when Jensen can capture a photo of us together! 

This trip was to Taos NM and we explored the town the day before our Llama lunch 

Exploring the pretty places in Taos 

AND checking the map, too! 
And then, on Father's Day, we arrived at the campsite at the mountains and met up with Stuart who owns Wild Earth Adventures.  He is all about the Llamas and he has rescued them and turned them into trekkers.  He brought 8 Llamas for our hike that day!  We learned alot about them!

I think this was Pichu

Jensen's buddy was LO-Key.  The name fit him-- he was super gentle and easy to walk. 

Isn't he a cutie?? 

He's a part of the family now!!  lol 

The Llamas carried packs full of food for our lunch and chairs and water etc.  They even had to cross the stream about 5 times that day!  We hiked 5 miles into the mountains and saw gorgeous scenery.  It was delightful!  It was an amazing day! 

Their faces are hilarious.  This photo is a bit bright, but it was too cute!

I'd highly recommend trekking with Llamas if you ever have a chance!  It was a wonderful day and we loved celebrating Father's day this way!  OUR DAD loved it!