Monday, January 14, 2019

Christmas ReCap

The magic of Christmas was definitely in full swing this year with a little granddaughter!  There is nothing like having a little one in the house again!  We enjoyed every minute!  Two of our kids were not able to be here this year, so we celebrated with our oldest daughter, her husband and our sweet E! 

After the Candlelight service and a yummy dinner, we came home to start our present opening!! 

She looked so precious in her fancy dress! 

The rocker and the car were a big hit!  

She jumped right in and knew her baby had to come along! 

Daddy had to buckle her in!  

Then she had to tell Mommy about what is under the hood! 

WE had to have one classic pic by the Christmas tree in her Christmas jammies! 

I love all the cute details like sprinkles on the cookies! 

We feel very blessed again this year as we celebrated Jesus birthday and we could not be more thankful!
I hope your holiday season was full of the Magic of the season! 

Friday, January 11, 2019

I am LOVING this age

When Elliette comes over to play, she always wants to go see our bunnies in the back yard.  She runs to the fridge and grabs the bag of carrots so she can hand them out.  This day, Stella came out of her cage to get the carrot!!  Elliette has this chore thing down pat! 

And she and Opa had quite a visit about her baby.  

I dug out my light necklace for her to play with and she loved it! 

And then the weather was so beautiful this month that we could go out and see some of our Christmas decorations outside! 

We played around on the sled and we brought her puppy along! 

We had to shoot fast because she is always on the move! 

"See my puppy, Mimi?? " 

This is one fun girl!  I am loving this age! 
And some cute teeth to boot!

I love being able to photograph these memories and capture her in her day to day! 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Darling family

I had the privilege right before Christmas to take photos of some darling kids!  Their mom, Jenny has been so sweet to let me practice on them this year!  This month was the twins 9 month old birthday and I have gotten to take their pics since they were born.  The babies have the sweetest big brother and sister and we decided to get pics of all of them.. I even got mom to be in a few shots! 

What a handsome guy!  

We visited the Albuquerque Bio Park that day and it was 4 days until Christmas, but we had NO coats and the weather was amazing! 

Aren't they cute together??? 

The brothers!  Little J has a wonderful big brother to look up to!! 

And I see a Future MODEL here!!  Miss M is such a pretty little lady.
WE had lots of fun and got some fun shots for this family! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

More December Days

 This is a post about some normal December Days!  I get to babysit my sweet grandbaby each week when my daughter works and we have lots of fun playing.  I always drag out my DSLR because I love to capture these memories of our sweet girl just playing and doing what she does.  I know that I'll treasure these memories because it was just yesterday that her mommy was this age, right????
E is starting to like to color!  I helped her out with the tree!  

And she found her Bubble wand - and that is always a HIT!cv

We had to try on some cold weather gear!   
And she really likes sox- so we tried on several pair!! 

We had to capture this bump photo with MOMMY because soon she will have a little brother to play with! 

 And after Elliette played here, I grabbed some photos to remember our tree this year!

 I hope your December has been a wonderful one and full of awesome memories!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

December went by FAST!!

Opa and Mimi had a fantastic time letting Elliette help decorate our tree this year.  
The shatterproof ornaments make it wonderful for a toddler to help! 
This one made me giggle because I feel the exact same way about those tangles!  The look on her face!!! 

She let Opa help her get them ready! 

Cute little chubby fingers we will want to remember in a few years when they aren't so little anymore!b 

She got the hang of this quickly! 

She even had a personalized ornament made by a friend on our tree!  
She really liked the sparkly ones!! 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Thanksgiving in San Diego!

Yes!  The San Diego Zoo! 
 Thanksgiving in San Diego!  Doesn't that sound wonderful???? Well, It WAS!  This year, Ross had to work, so we traveled to stay at a beach house in San Diego and celebrate so he could be included.  The week was full of wonderful food and places to visit!  I'll break up my story of this on a few posts because I have so many many pics!    We started at the San Diego Zoo which is a wonderful place when you are 15 months old!
The fish!!! 

Really beautiful animals everywhere 

Look at that face!! 

He looks mean! 

Opa enjoyed showing Elliette the giraffes! 

And then sometimes, Mom has to fix your hair!!  
One of our favorites!